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Fact Check: Mamata Banerjee To Marry AM Socialism?

A wedding invitation has generated a lot of buzz because of the names of bride and groom.

The card, published in ‘Jana Sakthi’, the Tamil mouth piece of Communist Party of India (CPI), mentions that P Mamata Banerjee will be getting married to AM Socialism. The groom’s elder brothers have been named as AM Communism and AM Leninism!

Many wondered whether this was a joke. While the bride’s name matches with that of West Bengal’s chief minister, the names of the groom and his brothers were uncommon, to say the least.

As it turns out, this is not a ‘fake’ wedding.

The Tamilian bride is, indeed, Mamata Banerjee. According to Indian Express, Mamata’s grandfather is a Congressman who was highly inspired by firebrand Bengal politician Mamata Banerjee, and named his grand-daughter after her.

The groom, on the other hand, is the son of Lenin Mohan, CPI district secretary of Salem and councillor of Panamarathupatti town.

Explaining why his sons have been given such strange names, Mohan said: “After the Soviet Union was dissolved, people were saying that communism has fallen and the ideology won’t prosper anywhere in the world. It was during that time my wife gave birth to my elder son. I immediately decided to name him ‘Communism’ as I believed that till human race exists, communism won’t fall.”

Mohan added that in his village, people name their children after leaders, countries, ideologies.

“I wanted to name my children after ideology. All three sons are uniformly named. The bride is also our relative. Her grandfather is a Congressman who was very inspired by the actions of Mamata Banerjee and hence he wanted to name his granddaughter after her. We all want our future generations to carry forward our ideology. I have named my grandson Marxism. In the future, if a girl child is born in our family, I will name her Cubaism,” Mohan added.

He informed that the family has received over 300 calls since the wedding invitation was published in the paper on Monday.

“Everyone is so curious about the names of bride and groom. Cadres, friends and many from media called me to verify whether the invitation is genuine, I was so irritated with so many people asking the same question but later got used to it,” he said.

The marriage will take place on June 13 at the bride’s house.