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U-Turn On Vaccine: Ramdev Says Ready To Take COVID Jab

New Delhi: Contrary to his earlier derision for COVID-19 vaccines, yoga guru Baba Ramdev has now said he will soon get himself vaccinated and urged others to take the jab too.

Ramdev also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to bring India’s COVID vaccination drive under the control of the Central government by June 21 and inoculate every citizen aged 18 years or above for free.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a historic announcement of vaccinating every citizen free of cost from June 21. Everybody should get vaccinated. Also, people should practice yoga and Ayurveda which will prepare a protective shield against disease and will also prevent COVID casualties. I will also get vaccinated soon,” Ramdev was quoted as saying by Mint.

Last month, Ramdev had said that he does not need to get vaccinated against COVID as he is protected by yoga and Ayurveda. He had also questioned the efficacy of COVID vaccines.

He also made a U-turn on his reported remarks against allopathy doctors. “All the good doctors are all messengers sent by God on this earth. They are a gift to this planet. But if a person being a doctor does anything wrong then that is the fault of that individual,” he said.

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