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Assam CM’s Appeal To Minority Community: Adopt Decent Family Planning Policy

A month after taking oath, Himanta Biswa Sarma has issued an impassioned yet controversial plea.

The Assam chief minister on Thursday appealed to the state’s minority community to adopt a “decent family planning policy” so that population can be controlled.

Sarma said to alleviate poverty, the state government needs to curb the rise in population. Hence the CM sought support from the minority community.

Requesting all stakeholders in the community to step forward and back the government in reducing poverty, Sarma said: “The government is the guardian of all poor people but it needs the support of the minority community in tackling the issue of population growth which is the root cause of poverty, illiteracy and consequent lack of proper family planning.”

He assured that the Assam government will play its role in educating women of the community, so that the problem can be addressed effectively.