YouTuber CarryMinati Livestreams, Raises Donation For Fani-Hit Odisha

YouTuber CarryMinati, also known as Ajey Nagar, hosted a live video on his YouTube channel on Wednesday to collect donations for Odisha, which is ravaged by severe cyclonic storm Fani.

“As we all are aware, Odisha has been devastated by Cyclone Fani, I have decided to donate the entire proceeds from today’s stream to help the cause. Help us with your valuable contribution, even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference,” he wrote for the video titled, Let’s Support Odisha | Donation Livestream.

The YouTuber has already garnered a milestone of 2 million subscribers for ‘CarryIsLive’.

Nagar also mentioned the official website – cmrfodisha.gov.in – where his viewers can donate directly for those hit by Fani in Odisha. He was also seen expressing gratitude to those who donated for the cause during the live stream.

He later posted an Instagram story mentioning that YouTube had gathered Rs 50,000 as donation.

Meanwhile, CMO Odisha, in a tweet, requested people to contribute to CMRF through official websites, government-approved digital payment platforms only and not to fall prey to any imposture or deceit.


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