World Diabetes Day: Diabetes Check-Up Package At AMRI Hospitals

This World Diabetes Day, AMRI Hospitals, Kolkata, is working towards creating awareness around this medical condition. The hospital recently announced that it will be offering a diabetes check-up package for Rs 999.

The package includes random blood sugar, creatinine, Hba1c, cholesterol, urine ACR, hemoglobin and diabetic consultation. To avail the services, one can book an appointment. It is available till November 30.

This initiative will help create awareness and discuss the measures that will help people keep a check on diabetes.

Inability of the body to regulate insulin levels causes diabetes and it can also lead to organ failure and tissue damage in extreme conditions. The decrease in insulin levels can damage your blood vessels and the nerves that control your heart. It is also a leading cause of blindness, amputation, heart disease, kidney failure, and early death, which make it important to diagnose diabetes at an early stage.

This package aims to provide healthcare facilities at economical rates to allow people, who can’t afford proper check-ups, undergo tests and find out if they are suffering from this chronic condition.

“Diabetes has symptoms that aren’t visible, requiring constant management and treatment. Throughout the month, our doctors will be monitoring blood glucose levels of patients and will provide consultation related to diet or lifestyle,” said a health expert at AMRI Hospitals.

“Though there is no particular cure for diabetes, there are many ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes. By managing blood levels and cholesterol, being more physically active and taking the prescribed medication, patients are able to prevent diabetes as well as reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke,” he added.

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