[Watch] Uorfi Javed Recreates Rajpal Yadav’s ‘Chota Pandit’ Look From Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Claims She Got Rape, Death Threats

New Delhi: Former Bigg Boss OTT contestant and social media influencer Uorfi Javed claims that she has received rape and death threats. Taking to Instagram, Uorfi shared that she got the threats after recreating Chota Pandit’s look from the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Rajpal Yada essayed the role in the 2007 film.

Uorfi also shared a picture collage featuring herself in the getup as well as Rajpal in the film. For the look, Uorfi wore a red full-sleeve T-shirt and saffron pants. She also wore a garland around her neck and painted her face in red.

Sharing the collage, she wrote, “Rajpal Yadav se kisi ko koi problem nahi hua but maine jab ye look recreate liya toh sabko mujhse problem hai. I’ve received so many death threats, rape threats for no reason. All these so-called dharm k rakshak (protector of religion) suddenly woke up after I wore this outfit 10 years of Bhool Bhulaiya movie! No colour belongs to any religion, no agarbatti (incense sticks) belongs to any religion, no flower belongs to any religion.”

Taking to X, Uorfi shared pictures and screenshots of the threats. She wrote, “I’m just shocked and appalled by this country mahn, I’m getting death threats in recreating a character from a movie whereas that character didn’t get any backlash.”

Uorfi had shared a video on Instagram as she sported the look. She wrote, “I hope everyone knows chhota pandit is a character from bhool bhulaiya. I was ready for the Halloween party with a lot of hard work but I couldn’t go so I thought I should upload a video!”

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