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[Watch] Little Boy Urges Tourists To Wear Masks

New Delhi: This is a proverbial case of reverse schooling. A video of a little boy from Dharamshala schooling tourists for roaming on the streets without a mask has been doing the rounds of social media.

In the video, the little boy can be seen standing on a crowded street in Dharamshala urging everyone to mask up with a plastic baton. However, no one seems to be paying heed to the boy’s requests. The video has been shared by several users on Twitter as well as Instagram.

Watch it:

While some were all praise for the “little corona warrior” asking people to follow Covid-19 rules, others were furious over tourists’ nonchalant behaviour. “Shame on the people who don’t care about their life and others I appreciate the kid who doing his job well done (sic),” read a comment. “So you travel to a location and don’t wear masks, putting the life of the locals in danger. Hats off to the civilised people (sic),” another user wrote.



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