Want To Be ‘Naughty & Healthy’ At 40? Follow These Mantras

How often have you heard the adage “Naughty At 40” being used for men? I must admit that I find men most charming when they are in their 40s. They exude confidence, have a way with women and are well, their ‘sexiest best’. Look at our 40 something dominated film industry. The Khans and Akshay Kumar can still give the new crop a run for their money.

However, the 40s also come with a rider on the health front. That is the time most men peak in their career, taste the high of success and with it, a total shift in the lifestyle. Ironically, prosperity brings with it, health alerts. In the current scenario, increased stress levels can herald such alerts even before the age of 40.

So, here’s what guys can take care of to continue being “Naughty At 40”. They may sound commonplace but can trigger bigger issues.

  1. Please accept the fact that as you grow older, your metabolism also slows down and you are likely to start gaining weight. Now, you have to identify solutions for overcoming this, which are pretty simple.

(a)           Exercise in moderation because too much of it can also affect your metabolism adversely.

(b)          Quit smoking and restrain your alcohol intake.

(c)           Steal time to rest.

(d)          Eat enough proteins.

(e)           Remain hydrated.

(f)            Eat low-carb food.

(g)          Add a lot of greens in your diet.

  1. Hypertension is enemy no 1. It strikes silently. So, keep your blood pressure in check. Don’t ignore those bouts of severe headaches. What you can do.

(a)           Of course, take care of your diet.

(b)          Importantly, avoid food rich in sodium.

(c)           Ah! Yes! That soda with your drink! Chuck it!

(d)          Going out to eat? Opt for home-cooked food. Call people at home for a quiet dinner instead.

(e)           Red meat? You had enough of it. Switch to seafood now.

  1.  By now, everyone in this age group knows that the risk of heart disease is a reality. As you age, there are changes in the heart and blood vessels too. Fatty deposits on the artery walls are a contributory factor and increase the chances of heart-related ailments. Apart from a balanced diet and regular but moderate exercise, your mantra should be…

(a) Reducing stress, as this single important factor can be your undoing. All you have to do is indulge in things that you love. Drink green tea, gaze at the sky, the trees, listen to the chirping of birds, meditate, listen to your favourite music, meet old friends, bond with the family. Its no rocket science, isn’t it?

Well, there’s more, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on. But more of it next week. By the way, this is yet another mantra for the naughty 40s. Take your time to absorb information! So we will abide by it.

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