This Brazilian Football Club Has A Midfielder Named Mahatma Gandhi!

New Delhi: Believe it or not, a young football player in Brazil goes by the name of Mahatma Gandhi!

Trindade, a Brazilian football club, has a midfielder named Mahatma Gandhi, whose full name is Mahatma Gandhi Heberpio Mattos Pires.

He is 31 years old and started playing professional football in 2011 for Atletico Clube Goianiense, NDTV reported.

Brazilian football clubs have had many other players with interesting names. One of the players was named John Lennon Silva Santos, after the renowned Beatles singer John Lennon. Additionally, there is a player named Pikachu on one of the other Brazilian teams. Ben-Hur Moreira Peres, Marlon Brando, and Mosquito are some of the interesting names of players in the Brazilian football arena, according to The Telegraph.

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