Rahul Gandhi Criticises Union Government Over Manipur Situation, Urges PM Modi to Intervene

New Delhi: Congress MP and Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, has once again launched a scathing attack on the central government regarding the ongoing crisis in Manipur. Gandhi has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Manipur and appeal for peace, highlighting the lack of improvement in the state’s condition.

During his visit to Manipur, Rahul Gandhi expressed his disappointment, stating, “I had come to Manipur last year too, now I have come again, but regrettably, there has been no improvement in the situation here. The situation in Manipur is the same. Even today, the state is divided into two pieces.”

Rahul Gandhi also shared a video on his social media platform X, wherein he emphasised his multiple visits to the state since the violence began, questioning, “When will Manipur be taken care of?” He pointed out that many houses are still burning, thousands of innocent lives are at risk, and numerous families remain in relief camps.

Appealing directly to Prime Minister Modi, Gandhi urged him to visit Manipur, listen to the people’s problems, assess the situation firsthand, and appeal for peace. “PM Modi should come here and listen to the problems of the people of the state, see the situation, and appeal for peace,” Gandhi asserted.

Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi pledged that MPs from the Congress Party and the India Alliance parties would vigorously raise their voices in Parliament for peace in Manipur. He stressed the need for serious efforts to restore peace and provide relief to the local population.

“The MPs of the Congress Party and MPs of the India Alliance parties will raise their voice with full force in Parliament for peace in Manipur and will put pressure on the government to end this tragedy,” Gandhi stated. He called for collective seriousness about the situation and concerted efforts to ensure peace and relief for the people of Manipur.

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