Police to Question BJP MLA Nitesh Rane Regarding Disha Salian’s Death

Mumbai: The Malwani police have summoned BJP MLA Nitesh Rane for questioning on July 12 in connection with the death of Disha Salian, the former manager of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Rane has been issued a notice by the Malwani police station after making allegations that influential figures, including leaders and ministers, were involved in Disha’s death. He claimed that Disha was murdered as part of a conspiracy, prompting the police to seek evidence supporting his assertions.

Disha Salian died on June 8, 2020, after reportedly jumping from her flat. Her death preceded the suspicious demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. According to the CBI, Disha had hosted a birthday party at her flat on the night of June 8, during which she consumed a significant amount of alcohol with her friends. After the party, while standing on her balcony, she lost her balance due to intoxication and fell to her death. Some media reports suggested that financial difficulties may have led Disha to take her own life.

A video of Disha surfaced on social media prior to her death, allegedly showing her at the birthday party with her fiancé, Rohan Rai, and friends. In the video, Disha appeared happy and was seen dancing, showing no signs of distress. Although Disha’s family had called for an investigation, the police initially closed the case, ruling it a suicide.

The recent developments and Nitesh Rane’s allegations have reignited interest in the case, with police now seeking to clarify the claims and uncover any potential new evidence.

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