Odisha Govt Announces Ekamra Khetra Yojana For Lingaraj Temple Beautification

Bhubaneswar:  The Odisha government on Thursday announced a 66-acre Ekamra Khetra Yojana, which is a pat of the Lingaraj Temple beautification plan.

It includes nine projects under which the historic water tanks in the Old Town area of the city will be renovated and modern parking space will be created at four places along with an e-auto programme. Besides Lingaraj Temple,  Kedar Gouri and Muketswara temple premises will also be developed. The plan also includes establishment of a heritage interpretation centre.

Sri Lingaraj police station and Sri Lingaraj Temple Trust Board office will also shifted and a road will be constructed from Taleswara Chhak to Badehibanka Chhak to ease traffic movement.

This was decided at a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at Lok Seva Bhawan here.


1.Revive and preserve the heritage value and grandeur of Lingaraj Temple and its surroundings

2. Enhance the living heritage, continuous traditions and a complete timeline of Kalinga architectural developments through strategic interventions

3. Protect and strengthen the linkages between the area’s natural and built heritage assets

4. Highlight the experiential value of the place for both the tourists and residents


  • Outer Access Road Development
  • Lingaraj Entry Plaza
  • Bindu Sagar Revival Plan
  • Parking Projects
  • Lingaraj Heritage Complex Project
  • Development of Amenities for Kedar Gouri – Mukteswar Complex
  • Heritage E-Auto Project
  • Relocation Projects
  • Heritage Interpretation Centre


  • Extension of Lingaraj Temple Complex incorporating elements reflective of Kalinga temple architecture
  • Special arrangement for Shivaratri and Kanwariya pilgrims
  • Continuous pedestrian walkway and viewpoints along lake edge
  • Water Quality Improvements – elimination of pollutant discharges, beautification, provision of collection points for ritual offerings
  • Extension of landscape similar to Ekamravan
  • Revival and preservation of the historical water system: Papanasini Kund, Godabari, Debi Padahara Tank, Kotirtha Tank, Ganga Jamuna Kund
  • Connecting monuments, parking and major roads through e-autorickshaws, including supporting infrastructure
  • Multi-modal parking for tourist buses, cars, two wheelers along with E-vehicle charging points
  • Relocation of facilities such as administrative offices, government agencies to other suitable locations
  • Siddheswara Matha Improvements


  • Vending zone will be provided to street vendors
  • Rehabilitation of vendors: One-time financial assistance of Rs.30,000 each will be provided to those displaced in two installments
  • Shop-owners will be rehabilitated in the BMC or Tourism or new market complex to be developed. They will be provided an assistance of Rs. 10,000 per month for 12 months


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