Negative On Reel To Positive In Real: Odia Tele Actor Rajeshwari’s Battle With Cancer Reveals Her Chutzpah

Her cancer is in fourth stage and there are no guarantee of recovery but she has decided fight cancer and defeat it

She is known for the negative characters she played in Odia TV serials but when life threw an unsurmountable difficulty in her path, she decided to tackle it with awe-inspiring positive attitude. The way Rajeshwari Ray Mahapatra is fighting cancer, reveals the indomitable nature of hope and human spirit in her that refuses to take things lying down.

In a recent interview to a local TV channel, Rajeshwari spoke about how she took the news of her having cancer and the subsequent treatment that she had to undergo at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. On being asked what was her reaction when she first learnt about it, her reply was that her mind went blank for  a few seconds and then she told herself, “What has happened to me? Nothing has happened to me. Yes, I have cancer. Okay. But, if somebody else had got cancer I would have been more affected. But when such things happen to oneself, one doesn’t feel as much. It’s like, what has happened has happened. Will fight it, move ahead.”

Though she added that the treatment process can be very painful and that’s what patients need fight. But she decided to be strong for her family. Her cancer is in fourth stage and there are no guarantee of recovery but she has decided fight cancer and defeat it.

Rajeshwari also revealed the pragmatic side of her personality with her reply when asked if she had ever questioned “why God gave me cancer, when there are crores of people in the world?”. She replied, “I think God gives cancer to good people,” and went to give the example of celebrated actors like Meena Kumari and Nargis and saint Ramakrushna Paramansha. The actor further added that if she didn’t thank God when He blessed her with opportunities to achieve success, then how could she blame Him for the sufferings.

The actor, who became a household name in Odisha with portrayal of  negative characters in Odia TV serials like Uansi Kanya and Swabhiman, revealed to her fans in May this year about having lung and brain cancer. She, in a Facebook post, had informed that she was receiving treatment and had asked her fans to bless her and stand by her during her difficult time.

As good wishes and prayers pours in for Rajeshwari and her own fighting spirit, it raises the hope that she might succeed in defeating cancer and return to the small screen in another interesting and captivating character.

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