Chhena Jhilli Delicacy Draws Tourists To Nimapara

Nimapara: Tourists travelling to Puri and Konark are bound to stop over at Nimapara to eat the delicious Chhena Jhilli that has made this place famous.

And when one talks of Nimapara Chhena Jhilli, Aratabandhu Sahu’s sweet shop is the most famous among both tourists and locals. Be it marriages, thread ceremonies or birthday parties, the shop’s Chhena Jhilli is a must savoury on the menu.

Started way back in 1940, Aratabandhu Sahu’s sweet shop is located on the road from Bhubaneswar to Konark via Pipili.

“Initially, my late father (Aratabandhu) used to make Chhena Jalebi in the shop. Then he thought of making Chhena Jhilli by applying his own process. After lots of experiments, he finally succeeded in making the sweet and the people also liked it very much,” said Aratabandhu’s son Rasananda Sahu.

“Chhena Jhilli is the higher version of Chhena Jalebi,” he added.

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