Minor Boy Fined Rs 6000 For Riding Two-Wheeler Without Helmet, Mobile Phone Use In Cuttack

Cuttack: As many as 40 people were issued challans for riding two-wheelers without helmet in the Millennium City till Sunday afternoon, which saw strict enforcement of traffic rules under the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019.

Among them, the highest fine of Rs 6,000 was slapped on a minor for driving two-wheeler without driving licence, using mobile phone and not wearing helmet.

According to sources, the boy’s Surendra Nath Sahoo was fined for these violations at Khannagar here. The fine for not wearing helmet is Rs 1000 and that for using mobile phone is Rs 5,000.

The Twin City Commissionerate Police had earlier clarified that if minors were found driving vehicles, their parents would be penalised.

Checking is currently on at Badambadi, Link Road, Madhupatna and Malgodown, the sources added.

To recap, here are the violations being charged now:

traffic violations bbsr drunk driving helmet seat belt


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