Know The Traffic Restrictions, Parking Places For Cuttack’s Bali Jatra

Cuttack: The Commissionerate Police has issued traffic advisory for the Bali Jatra, to be held at Bali Jatra ground here from November 12 to 19.

The traffic diversion from 3 pm to 1 pm on these days are as follows:

  1. Vehicular traffic from Mata Math near Mahanadi Ring Road will be diverted to DCP office lane. The visitors to Bali Jatra can park their vehicles in the field at the end of the lane. No vehicular traffic will be allowed from Munda Sahi Square to the right. After visiting Bali Jatra, the visitors have to take the route through Hadiapatha to Mata Math.
  2. Vehicles, coming from Mani Sahu Square, can go to the parking place of the fair through the right side of Girnar Hotel Square.
  3. Vehicles coming from Odisha State Police Headquarters road can take the Ring Road through Karamanga Mutt for Bali Jatra ground.
  4.   Vehicles coming from Buxi Bazaar fire station will be diverted to the left from OPA Square and through Dayashram Road.
  5. People, coming from Chandi Chhak, will park their vehicles at the stand at Dayashram field. They will go through the left of Nariseva Sadan Square and then Kala Vikash Kendra road.
  6. No vehicles will be allowed to the stadium through Kilikhana Road from the Director of Industries Square.
  7. Only two wheeler will be allowed to take the road from Convent School Square to the Dayashram stand for parking through the backside of PHD office.
  8. No vehicles will be allowed to pass through the Fort Gate from Anand Bhavan Square. Only Cuttack Club card holders can take this route.
  9. The three wheeler and four wheeler, coming through Madhusudan bridge, will be parked at Bhuasuni field. The visitors will then board vehicles provided by the district administration to go to Bali Jatra ground.
  10. People, coming from Satihaura Square and through Netaji bridge will also park their vehicles at Bhuasuni field.

The Parking Places

  1. Bhuasuni field
  2. Anand Bhaban field
  3. Dayashram field
  4. Kartikeswar Gada field
  5. Mundasahi field
  6. Mundasahi west side field
  7. Mundasahi north side field
  8. Gorakabar field
  9. Bose Engineering College field
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