Inspired By Amazon Prime Web Series, Cousins Stage Fake Kidnapping

New Delhi: Two 22-year-old cousins, taking ‘inspiration’ from the Amazon Prime web series ‘Breathe: Into the Shadows’, staged a fake kidnapping and demanded Rs 2 lakh ransom from their family.

Delhi residents Nadeem and Aftab, the accused, also snatched a mobile phone from a woman the same day and have been arrested, reported.

According to police, Nadeem worked with his father in a furniture shop. But he wasn’t happy as his dad didn’t give him extra money to consume alcohol.

Taking a cue from the web series starring Abhishek Bachchan, Nadeem and Aftab plotted a ‘kidnapping’. Aftab made a ransom call to his father and demanded Rs 2 lakh.

The police, after receiving a call from Aftab’s father, started an inquiry.

“Our team checked CCTVs in the area. We also checked call detail records of Nadeem’s phone and found that he was in constant touch with a female friend. When contacted, his friend told police that Nadeem was with his cousin Aftab,” Deputy Commissioner of Police RP Meena said.

After scanning footage from CCTVs, police came to the conclusion that no kidnapping had taken place.

CCTV, on the other hand, showed Aftab and Nadeem being involved in the snatching of a mobile phone from a woman later that day.

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