Here’s A Challenge: Eat This 7Kg Thali And Get Your Money Back!

New Delhi: An Indian restaurant in England is challenging diners with a healthy appetite to eat a £35 meal (Rs 3,611) weighing 7kg, in an hour – and if successful they get their money back.

Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine is serving what it calls the “Grand Thali” and has spun a challenge around it. Served on a 24-inch platter with an assortment of 50 dishes. Lily’s is located in Ashton, Greater Manchester. Thali consists of 8 breads, 2 poppadoms, 6 desserts, 2 lassi drinks, 14 side dishes, 3 rice bowls, 2 dahls, 3 dips/sauces, The Freepress Journal reported.

A report by Mirror quoted the owner of Lily’s, Pritil Sachdev, 42, as saying, “I just came up with it one day when I was sat in the restaurant. It’s the first challenge we have done but we thought it would be a good bit of fun.”

In a Facebook post, the restaurant said that none of the dishes had gone to waste after the challenge. “All participants enter on their own accord and take home the food they haven’t managed to finish in the given hour. They can share this with their friends and family, so please rest assured no food is being wasted,” they wrote.

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