Check 10 Most-Commonly Used Passwords By Indians; Why Should You Avoid These?

New Delhi: In this day and age of rapidly advancing technology, one needs to set multiple passwords and pin numbers for devices, debit/credit cards, apps etc.

Managing so many passwords is challenging, to say the least.

To remember easily, many set very basic and simple passwords to unlock devices and log into various accounts, without realising the huge risk.

Common passwords are, after all, an easy target for hackers.

According to a report by NordVPN, ‘123456’ is the most commonly used password by Indians, which takes less than one second to be cracked by hackers.

Here’s the list of 10 most frequently used passwords in India, with estimated time it takes to hack them:

1. 123456: As many as 363,265 users opt for this not realising that it doesn’t even take one second to crack it.

2. admin: Another vulnerable password that can be hacked in less than a second, but is used by 118,270 persons.

3. 12345678: Just as susceptible, 63,618 users select this password which can be cracked in under one second.

4. 12345: Selected by 56,676 users, this weak password can also be hacked in less than a second.

5. Password: 52,334 users think this is a secure password, but it can be cracked in less than one second.

6. Pass@123: Seemingly more complex, this password is preferred by 49,958 users but takes about 5 minutes to crack it.

7. 123456789: Another common choice, this password is used by 41,403 users but is crackable in less than a second.

8. Admin@123: Chosen by 22,646 individuals, this password is comparatively strong and requires a year to be cracked.

9. India@123: This one, set by 16,788 people, offers moderate security and takes 3 hours to crack.

10. admin@123: Another commonly used password, used by 16,573 people. But it can be hacked in 34 minutes.

Avoid all these, as well as other easily hackable combinations, while setting a password. Set as difficult passwords as possible to ensure digital security, even if it’s difficult to remember. Maybe you can note them down at some secure place.

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