AstroTalk to Deluge Customers with Rs 100 Crore if India Triumphs Cricket World Cup

New Delhi: In an animated exhibition of national pride, AstroTalk, India’s leading astrology startup, has proclaimed a magnificent reward of Rs 100 crore to be disseminated among its customers if Team India captures victory in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup final against Australia on Sunday.

This extraordinary manoeuvre reflects AstroTalk’s profound devotion to partaking in instances of bliss and exhilaration with its over 3 crore customers across India. The corporation acknowledges the unifying potency of cricket and yearns to commemorate the shared ardour for the sport that courses deeply within the souls of Indians.

“India is a country that exists and breathes cricket.” “It is a sport that genuinely unites the nation,” stated Punit Gupta, CEO and founder of AstroTalk.

“In the spirit of this grand spectacle, we aspire to amplify the felicity for our users on AstroTalk by apportioning our gains with them. We possess unwavering faith in Team India and hope they will dispense their optimal performance to bring home the coveted cup.”

With India’s impressive unbeaten record of 10-0 victories throughout the tournament, expectation and exhilaration reach an all-time high among cricket aficionados across the country. AstroTalk’s munificent endeavour further contributes to the enthusiasm, vowing a collective celebration of triumph and national pride.

The distribution of the prize money will be executed directly into the respective AstroTalk wallets of eligible customers. This seamless procedure ensures that the jubilation of India’s conquest is dispersed widely, extending to millions of cricket enthusiasts throughout the nation.

AstroTalk’s determination to share its gains with its customers attests to the company’s profound bond with its users and its dedication to commemorating moments of national pride. This distinctive initiative is bound to engender a lasting influence, cementing AstroTalk’s status as a brand that resonates with the hearts of Indians.

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