Working Mothers Did & Continue To Struggle For Work-Life Balance

Bhubaneswar: Life is always a battleground for working mothers who are striving hard to maintain work-home-children balance. Caught between professional commitments and household duties, they always suffer pangs of guilt for not being able to devote time to their children. The situation has become more trying due to the shrinking size of families in urban space.

“I was on cloud nine when my pregnancy was confirmed. My family members were very happy. Wishes poured in from friends and relatives. I was treated like a queen. Later, my ultrasound report revealed that I was expecting twins. This news doubled my happiness,” said Deputy Commissioner, CT and GST, Swayamprava Sahoo.

“Nothing can ever prepare you for becoming a parent. I started researching on how best to prepare for the arrival of my babies. Everything seemed to be chalked our. The maternity leave would give me enough time to rest, I would employ a nanny for the children and return to work. Soon after delivery, I realised it was not as simple,” said Swayamprava.

Like all women, she rose to the occasion. Balancing home and work was by no means an easy task. She had to extend her maternity leave and only joined work after she found a reliable nanny for the children.

“I have not compromised on the career front but I am certainly missing out on my fitness routine and my hobbies. I try my best to make up my long hours of absence when I return home,” said Swayamprava.

Likewise, Snehalata Pati, UCO Bank, Bhubaneswar Branch Manager, said, “Initially, I faced a lot of problems. I extended my maternity leave when I had my first child. After joining office, I had to make sure that In finish my household chores by 9 am. I would not get any time to take care of my health.”

“Despite all odds, I was active in the office. But mt life revolved around my office and home only,” she added.

“I was disturbed when my daughter started missing me. I had a tough time till she turned three. Now, my daughter goes to a creche there is a babysitter for my son. My children have never been an obstacle for my career. I only had to compromise with my promotion because I did not want to get transferred,” said Snehalata.

“After my maternity leave, I had to employ a babysitter for my son,” said Amrita Kundu, lecturer in a city-based journalism college. Still, I was very stressed on account of his safety,” she added.

“I had to send him to a creche for him to get independent early but it was not easy. I had to work hard to balance both my personal and professional life. I had to make a lot of compromises on the personal and professional front,” said Amrita.

Advocate Reetanjali Sahu has two sons.

“It is very difficult for a working woman to manage everything. They have to do multi-tasking. I was on leave for three years after my first delivery. After my second delivery, my parents came to look after my children,” said Reetanjali.

“Though my elder son had started going to a creche, I could not concentrate on my work in the court. I used to keep calling the creche repeatedly and even slip out of the office during lunch time to see him. I used to get all sorts of weird thoughts,” said Reetanjali.

“However, my husband and my family members are very cooperative. I could go ahead in my career with their support,” she added.

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