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Work From Home: Govt Likely To Form New Rules

New Delhi: Omicron is likely to necessitate the continuation of work from home (WFH) culture. Now that it seems to be a norm rather than an exception, the central government is reportedly working out a comprehensive plan to frame a legal structure aimed to define the liability of employers for employees who work from home.

According to a report published in the Economic Times, the central government’s legal framework includes the work from home model as well as the hybrid work model where employees have to go to the office for a certain number of days in a week.

The Centre is considering fixing work hours for employees and payment of additional expenses incurred by them for internet and electricity due to working from home, as part of the move.

“A consultancy firm is being roped in to determine ‘future of work’ in the backdrop of the pandemic and the benefits it brings to stakeholders,” ET reported an official as saying. The new structure will be asked to be followed by all sectors, the official added.

Earlier, in January, the Indian government had formalised the already implemented work for home structure for the services sector, allowing employers and employees to mutually decide the working hours. The move was seen as a token exercise, however. This is because services sectors had already been following the rules under the pandemic situation.