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Women, Buffaloes & Bulls Are All Safe In UP Under BJP: Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: Women, buffaloes and bulls are all safe in Uttar Pradesh (UP) now. The state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday the BJP-led government ensured safety to all in the state.

Comparing his governance with the previous governments in the state at a workshop of party spokespersons at UP BJP headquarters in Lucknow on Monday, Adityanath said, “When we used to stay at any BJP worker’s house, the women of the family used to ask us whether there be safety for them in the state. Earlier our daughters, sisters felt unsafe. Even buffaloes, bulls didn’t feel safe. These problems persisted in Western UP, not eastern UP. Today, can they be picked up forcibly?… Isn’t this a difference? What was Uttar Pradesh’s identity? Wherever potholes started, that was UP; wherever there was darkness, that was UP. Any civilised person feared walking on the streets at night. But not today.”

Talking about achievement under the BJP-led government in Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath on Sunday said jails in the state are no more “fun” centres for criminals and have turned into “reform homes.”

“The UP jails are no more places of fun for criminals. There was a time when the power used to be a slave of mafias. Today the government bulldozers run on their houses,” Adityanath had said and warned that his government will not let mafias have their say. “Our message to mafias is very clear. If mafias want to make the lives of the poor, farmers, and traders hell, our government will not let this happen,” he had said.

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