Woman With 20 Toes & 12 Fingers Called ‘Witch’, Ostracised In Odisha

Ganjam: Nayak Kumari has been branded a ‘witch’ for life simply because she has 20 toes and 12 fingers since birth.

Kumari, who lives in Kadapada village of Ganjam district, said that she can do nothing about it. The 63-year-old said that she was born with this defect and her family could not afford any treatment because of poor financial condition.

People in her village avoid her. This social stigma has forced her to stay indoors confined to the four walls of her house.

In a report published by the India Today, surgical specialist Dr Pinaki Mohanty said that having one or two extra fingers is not uncommon, but 20 toes and 12 fingers are very rare.

He said that this medical condition is called Polydactyly, and it is caused by a mutation in genes.

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