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‘Who Is The Father Of Nusrat Jahan’s Baby?’ Here’s What She Told Reporters

New Delhi: Actor-politician Nusrat Jahan has been creating ripples ever since she got married to businessman Nikhil Jain in Turkey in 2019, then announcing that their marriage was not valid in India and thereafter, with news of her pregnancy after separating from Jain.

She faced a barrage of questions on the father of the baby at her first public appearance on Wednesday after she became a mother. She attended the opening of a salon in Kolkata, where she was asked questions about her ‘better half’ and she replied with sharp responses, saying that the ‘father knows who the father is’.

When a reporter asked Nusrat about her ‘better half,’ she replied, “I think that’s a vague question to ask and puts a black spot on somebody’s character as a woman, who the father is. The father knows who the father is and we are having a great parenthood together at the moment. Myself and Yash, we are having a good time.”

Nusrat also mentioned that motherhood ‘feels great’. “It’s a new life, it to feels like a new beginning,” she said. She also revealed that her son was named Yishaan.

Asked when can one get the first glimpse of her son, Nusrat said, “You should ask his father that. He is not letting anyone see him at the moment.”

Last month, Nusrat Jahan was admitted to Neotia Hospital in Kolkata on August 25. Bengali actor Yash Dasgupta, who drove Nusrat to the hospital, confirmed that she and her baby are doing well. “For those who have been enquiring about Nusrat’s health, the mother and child are healthy and doing well,” he said.

In her previous Instagram post, Nusrat, who has faced brutal trolling and scrutiny for rumoured relationship with Yash, she wrote, “Don’t take criticism from people u won’t take advice from (sic.).” Furthermore, she credited the photo to “daddy”.