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Who Disrupted Actress Juhi Chawla’s 5G Case Hearing By Delhi HC?

New Delhi: The virtual hearing of Juhi Chawla’s lawsuit on Wednesday, against radiation risk posed by 5G telecom was interrupted by a man who started singing songs from the actress’s films.

The man first sang ‘Ghoonghat Ki Aad Se’ from Juhi’s 1993 film, ‘Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke’. He left the hearing and rejoined later, and this time, he started singing ‘Lal Lal Honthon Pe’ from Juhi’s 1995 film, ‘Naajayaz’. He left the virtual hearing and rejoined a third time to sing ‘Meri Banno Ki Aayegi Baraat’ from the actress’s 1993 release, ‘Aaina’. India Today reported.

The hearing had to be stopped and resumed after the man was removed from the session. The Delhi High Court has issued a contempt notice. The court also directed the Police to search for the person and take legal action against him, the report added.

Juhi Chawla had moved the Delhi High Court raising concerns with respect to the “untested” implementation of 5G technology in the country. Juhi Chawla has filed a lawsuit against the implementation of 5G technology in India. The lawsuit demands research into the possible impacts of the radiation from 5G waves on humans and other living organisms.