WhatsApp Adds Text Reminders & Group Invite Blocking

WhatsApp’s latest update has included group invite blocking and text reminders.

Users can create and receive reminders from WhatsApp using a reminder app called Any.do. The service is however not free. It costs $5.99 per month.

“Easily create tasks and get reminders in WhatsApp on any supported device. Create a task by sending a direct message to Any.do or forward a message to Any.do from any of your contacts. Be reminded as soon as tasks are due, straight through WhatsApp. It’s easy, simple and effective!” the statement read.

Now, unlike previously where anyone could add you to a WhatsApp group, the new update lets you change settings on who can add you – Everyone, My contacts and My contacts except.

The last feature is call waiting which shows users a notification if they are on another call during a WhatsApp call. It alerts users with an option to ‘End & Accept’ or ‘Decline’.

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