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‘We’re Worried’: Indian Man’s SOS From Kabul

Lucknow: Soon after the Taliban captured Afghanistan after 20 years, several civilians were left in the lurch amid chaos. Heart-wrenching visuals emerged from the country that shocked the entire world.

Besides the Afghans, several people from other countries including the Indians have been affected by the turn of events.

A 28-year-old Indian from a village in eastern Uttar Pradesh is among the stranded ones. He works as a welder and went to Kabul in January 2021 to work for a private firm. The man shared a video from Kabul that shows him locked with other Indians inside a room, seemingly in an apartment.

“Sir, we are very worried. All of us are worried,” a man on the phone can be heard saying. With tense expressions, other people in the video can also be seen speaking on the phone, apparently trying to arrange help, reported NDTV.

One of the family members of the 28-year-old man said that the video was received a couple of days ago after Taliban terrorists took over the power in Kabul.

“My son is stuck. Earlier things were fine. But of late, he used to say there are a lot of problems. I spoke to him three days ago. He told me the government has changed and that the Taliban has seized power. He is ok but one does not know what the Taliban will do. I appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get him evacuated as soon as possible,” the man’s father was quoted as saying by NDTV.

According to the man’s wife, he has been trying to stay calm even as chaos prevails in Kabul.

“I speak to him every day. He says he is trying not to panic. I spoke to him this morning too. He told me the company owners and managers where he worked are missing, and he does not even have his passport with him right now,” she said.

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