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[Watch] What Did Neeraj Chopra Reveal About His Sex Life In This Interview?

New Delhi: Life will never be the same for Olympics gold medallist Neeraj Chopra after his Tokyo gold medal. He’s the media’s new blue-eyed boy but very often simpletons like him become the target of unwanted adulation and uncomfortable questions.

At an event organised by a media house, art historian and curator Rajeev Sethi asked him a very personal question about the athlete’s sex life leaving the youngster visibly embarrassed.

Kitne sundar naujawan hai aap (What a handsome young man you are),” Sethi said, adding that crores of Indians want to ask Chopra one thing, but they feel hesitant. He then asked Chopra in Hindi as to how he balances his athletic training with his sex life!

Chopra tried to evade the question and responded by saying,  “Sorry, sir. I have said sorry, you can know my answer from that.” But Sethi did not give up! He went on to ask again how athletes manage to balance their training with their sex life.

A Twitter user posted the video:


When Chopra refused to comment, the art historian apologised to which Chopra said that his heart was overwhelmed by Sethi’s question (aapke question is mera mann to bhar gaya par sorry)!