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[Watch] This Is How ‘Chinese Biryani’ Is Made

New Delhi: Trust us Indians to put a bit of India in every food item we love! Who hasn’t heard of ‘Chinjabi’ short for Punjabi style Chinese food? We have ‘chowmein’ and ‘momos’ with an Indian twist to suit our palate. The way Japanese sushi is becoming popular in the Metros, it won’t be a surprise before we have paneer sushi, chicken tikka sushi and soya chaap sushi!

But for now, we have another innovation. Chinese biryani.

This Chinese biryani recently went viral on YouTube. Shared on YouTube channel Cooking With Sariya, this video has garnered more than 85 lakh views.

Made with chicken and vegetables, this dish looks is more or less like Chinese fried rice. “Very Nice , I am Student .. And I live in Hostel life .. Thank you so much Respected Chief,” wrote a person in the comments section (of the video). Another comment read, “Wow it’s amazing result and taste was yummy.”