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[Watch] Monkey Enjoys Joyride In Delhi Metro!

New Delhi: A monkey hitched a ride on the Delhi Metro on Saturday.

A video of the monkey’s joyride, which was shared on Twitter and went viral, shows the primate roaming inside a Metro compartment full of commuters before settling on a seat next to a male passenger.

No commotion is noticed among commuters, with one of them heard saying: “Bandar ko bhi mask pehna do (Give the monkey a mask).”

After sitting quietly for a few seconds. the monkey is seen standing on the seat and looking out of the window.

Watch the video here:

According to news agency ANI, the incident took place at around 4.45 PM as the train was travelling from Yamuna bank to Indraprastha.

The monkey reportedly didn’t cause any harm to passengers and moved out by the time it was brought to the notice of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials.

“Monkey was spotted around 4:45 pm as train moved from Yamuna Bank to IP & moved away on its own by the time it was brought to DMRC’s notice. No harm caused to anyone & it wasn’t spotted thereafter in metro premises: DMRC on video (in pic) showing a monkey inside a Delhi Metro train,” tweeted ANI.

In response to the video, Delhi Metro authorities asked for coach details.

“Hi, thank you for reaching out. Kindly mention the coach number and current station for further assistance,” it said in response to a tweet by a user on the micro-blogging site.