Chennai: A couple from Madurai has beaten everyone when it comes to ingenuity borne out of compulsion. Given the COVID restrictions on the limited number of guests allowed in weddings, Rakesh and Dakshina decided to get married on a plane!

The couple booked an entire flight from Madurai-Bangalore and tied the knot exactly when their aircraft hovered over the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple in the ‘graceful’ presence of 161 relatives in the flight, said a report.

In doing so, one can’t say whether the couple was abiding by the law, evading the law or defying it.

They rented the plane for two hours to tie the knot up above the sky. A video of the unique wedding is also going viral on social media after a user posted it on Twitter with the caption, “Rakesh-Dakshina from Madurai, who rented a plane for two hours and got married in the wedding sky. Family members who flew from Madurai to Bangalore after getting married by SpiceJet flight from Bangalore to Madurai.”

The short video clip shows the groom tying the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck as the relatives present during the ceremony cheer and shower them with flower petals. The viral video post has already garnered over 1.6K views.