[Watch] “Crossing All Maryada’, Jaya Bachchan Trolled For Pointing Finger At VP In Parliament

New Delhi: Veteran Bollywood actress and Rajya Sabha member from Samajwadi Party Jaya Bachchan was brutally trolled after her video from the Parliament, pointing a finger at Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar as he asked her and others to take their seats, went viral on social media.

While BJP leaders condemned her behaviour, social media users questioned why “she is always in angry/frustrated mode”, referring to her rude behaviour towards the paparazzi for clicking her pictures during her outings.

“Jaya Bachchan’s behaviour in the Rajya Sabha is condemnable,” BJP’s Ajay Sehrawat wrote sharing the video.

Information and broadcasting ministry advisor Kanchan Gupta was reminded of the harsh comments made by Jaya Bachchan during the UPA regime and how Amitabh had to later apologize.  “He issued a hand-wringing statement that ended with “वो राजा हैं, हम रंक हैं।” (They are rulers, we are commoners.),” he tweeted.

A twitter user wrote, “Jaya Bachchan again showing her arrogance & crossing all maryada ki Rekha in Parliament.”

“Cheap, disgraceful, pathetic and no decency and ethics, that’s #JayaBachchan,” another tweet said.

The viral video was from the Rajya Sabha proceeding on February 9.

Notably, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Rajani Patil was suspended for the rest of the ongoing Budget Session for violating the directions of the chairman. Coming out in her support, Jaya Bachchan said that the MP was not given a chance to clarify.

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