Watch: Airline Passenger Confronts BJP MP Pragya Thakur For Delaying Flight

The people of India seems to have finally found their voice and are questioning their representatives for what they feel is not right. They are standing up for their rights and saying it straight to their face.

Here, we are talking about BJP MP Pragya Thakur and her confrontation with passengers of Delhi-Bhopal SG2489 flight, which she held up for about 45 minutes over seat allotment on Saturday. A viral video of the incident, in which a passenger is seen confronting her for delaying the flight, is winning the internet.

He is now being hailed as the ‘hero’.

The man in the clip is heard saying: “You are people’s representative. Your job is not to trouble us. You should come by the next flight.”

When the Bhopal lawmaker tries to reason it out with him by saying that there must be some reason for her to be travelling in this flight even when there is “no first class, my facilities”, he resorts, “First class is not your right.”


“You should have that moral compass that even if one person is getting troubled because of you, you should own up because you are the leader. You are not ashamed that you have held 50 people at ransom,” he added.

When she objects to his language, he replies: “I am using absolutely correct language.”

The MP, it is learnt, later filed a complaint with the Bhopal Airport Director over not being allotted the seat that she had booked in the Spicejet flight and the conduct of the airline crew.

On Sunday, the airline issued a clarification over the issue, which said: “SpiceJet had the privilege to have Pragya Thakur on board on December 21. She had pre-booked seat 1A and had come to the airport in her own wheelchair. The Delhi-Bhopal flight is operated by Bombardier Q400 aircraft (78 seats). On this aircraft, the first row is the emergency row seat and is not allocated to passengers on wheelchairs.”


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