Watch: A Surprise Revelation By PM Modi

New Delhi: There may not be a day in Mamata Banerjee’s life when she has shown restraint from spewing venom on Narendra Modi.

If she is his harshest critic, the Bengal Chief Minister also shares a unique camaraderie with the Prime Minister, a facet which was revealed by the PM on Wednesday.

In an interaction with actor Akshay Kumar for news wire ANI, Modi said the Bengal CM sends him personally-selected kurtas and sweets every year.

“What I am revealing could cost me some votes,” Modi said with a broad grin across his face, “but even today Mamata didi herself selects one-two kurtas and sends them to me once or twice a year.”


“Even Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sends sweets to me three-four times in a year, especially from Dhaka. When Mamata didi got to know this, she also started sending me sweets one or two times in a year,” the PM said.

The Prime Minister said like Mamata, he has many good friends in the Opposition.

“We do eat food together once or twice a year. A long time back when I was not even the chief minister (of Gujarat), I had gone to Parliament for some work. There, Ghulam Nabi Azad and I were having a friendly conversation. When we came out the media people asked, how can you be friends with Azad as you belong to the RSS? Ghulam Nabi gave a good answer – Hum dono saath khade the, bola dekho bhai bahar jo aap log sochte ho, aisa nahi hai. Shayad ek family ke roop me hum log jitne jude hue hain sabhi dal ke log, wo shayad bahar kalpana nahi kar sakte (While we two were standing, he said that what you people think outside, it’s not like that. Maybe the way we the people of all the organisations are connected as a family it can’t be imagined outside),” Modi told Akshay.

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