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Teenager Beheads Pregnant Sister With Mother’s Help; Know Why

Aurangabad: In a gruesome, blood-curdling murder, a teenaged boy beheaded his 19-year-old pregnant sister with the help of their mother in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district.

The girl’s fault was that she had married without the consent of her family, ANI reported.

The 38-year-old mother and her 18-year-old son were not done just by murdering the girl, they allegedly dragged the head of the victim and displayed it before her neighbours.

According to police officials, the murderers explained to the woman’s neighbours that they had killed her because she had got married against their wish six months ago. They also took selfies with the severed head of the woman, police added.

The mother and son hatched a well-thought plan to kill the woman. They went to her house on the pretext of reconciling with her and asked the husband to leave the room so that the three of them could talk.

When the woman went to the kitchen to prepare tea, her brother attacked her with a sharp weapon and cut her throat, ANI quoted police officials as saying.

By the time the husband returned, the victim’s brother had beheaded her. He fled from the horrific scene fearing that he would be attacked next.

The mother-son duo later surrendered at Virgoan police station and confessed to the crime. They have been arrested by police.

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