Search For Elusive ‘Rangoli’ Stamp Continues As Offer Ends Today; Here’s How You Might Get One

Google Pay’s unique Diwali stamp collection offer has gone viral in India. After all, who doesn’t love free cashback, that too Rs 251!

The offer, which ends on Thursday, asks users to collect five stamps (Diya, Jhumka, Flower, Lanterns and Rangoli) by making money transfers, taking photo of diyas, or paying a bill via Google Pay. Collecting all five stamps results in a reward of Rs 251 transferred to bank account. Also one lucky winner will win Rs 1 lakh on November 1.

Users can also exchange stamps between themselves.

But now, the biggest challenge is finding a ‘Rangoli’ stamp. Thousands on social media are scouting for that single stamp which seems to be in short supply.

“Do you have an extra ‘Rangoli’ stamp? I must have received this message from 20 people, and I also need it,” said Sabita Roy, a student in Cuttack.

Hearing the cries about the unavailability of ‘Rangoli’ stamps, Google announced the availability of 50 lakh flower and rangoli stamps on October 27.

Earlier, the tech giant had tweeted the following:

As #StampsWaliDiwali trends on Twitter, competitors such as Mobikwik took the opportunity to troll Google Pay.

How To Get Diwali Stamps:

  1. You win a stamp when you make a payment worth Rs 35 or more (which could be either sending money, recharge mobile number, or paying a bill or business). This is limited to 5 transfers a day.
  2. Using the “Diwali Scanner” feature within the app, you can take photographs of Diwali items such as Diyas, Flowers, etc to win a stamp. The limit here too is 5 a day.
  3. You can win stamps as referral gifts.

Google’s rules read as, “Stamps are given out randomly. You could get any one of the 5 different stamps per collection method. The more you pay friends and business with Google, the more stamps you can collect.”

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