Saroja’s ‘Manda Pitha’ Stall A Big Draw At Toshali Mela In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The fine wintry weather has people flocking to the ongoing Toshali Mela at  Janata Maidan here.

Besides handloom and handicrafts stalls, a huge rush can also be seen at the food corner of the fair. Among the 50 stalls is Saroja’s Rosy’s Kitchen that is serving a variety of traditional Odia pithas (cakes) to the city food lovers. ‘Manda Pithas’ among all are literally selling like hot cakes. 

The pithas score over Pizza and Burger here as youngsters feel they don’t always get to relish these delicacies.

“We prefer ‘Manda Pitha’ over Pizza and Burger anytime. What makes them special is that these are not readily available. The pithas at the stall are very tasty,” said Payal Patnaik, a student.

It is softness of the pithas that makes it a yummy affair for Nikita Suman, a student from Rama Devi University.

Manda Pitha and Khira Poda Pitha sold here are very soft. I have already been to the fair thrice and every time, I make sure to go to the stall for a bite into our traditional delicacies which are also good for health,” she said.

Besides quality, the staff at the stall also ensure food safety and cleanliness. “They use gloves while serving the pithas,” said Saroja.

She started this initiative with a few underprivileged girls. “I opened the kitchen about three months back at my home at Samanta Vihar. We cater to orders and make Manda Pitha, Arisha Ptha, Kakara Pitha, Sarakoli, Chandrakanti and different types of Kakara. We have home delivery system too,” she said.

These are also available at this stall. “These are being sold at Rs 20 a piece and Rs 300 a kg. Manda Pitha and Khira Poda Pitha are in great demand,” said Saroja.

She has also received received many awards for ‘Manda Pitha‘.

“My aim is to promote our culture through traditional recipes of Odisha,” said Saroja.

The Toshali National Crafts Mela organised by the Handlooms, Textile, and Handicrafts Department will conclude on December 27.

It has 500 stalls in which 50 weavers from different states of the country are showcasing different flavours of India.

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