Sakshi Malik Retires from Wrestling Following WFI’s Appointment of Sanjay Singh

New Delhi: The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has appointed Sanjay Singh, a close aide of former president Brij Bhushan Singh, as its new leader, sparking resentment among wrestlers.

Wrestlers Sakshi Malik and Bajrang Punia held a press conference to express their disappointment over the appointment. Malik, who had led protests against Brij Bhushan Singh for 40 days, announced her decision to quit wrestling.

“We had demanded a woman president, but our demand was not fulfilled. If there is a woman president of the Women’s Wrestling Federation of India, no one will be harassed,” Malik said at the press conference.

She added, “To date, not a single woman has gotten a position in the Wrestling Federation. Our fight will continue, and we have fought with full force in the past and will continue to fight. For this, young players will also have to come forward.”

Malik broke down after announcing her decision to retire from wrestling.

In recent months, wrestlers have been protesting against Brij Bhushan Singh, accusing him of sexual harassment and mismanagement. The protests led to Singh’s resignation as WFI president.

The appointment of Sanjay Singh, who is seen as a close associate of Singh, has further angered the wrestlers. They have expressed concerns that the new president will not address their grievances and that the problems in the federation will persist.

The wrestlers have vowed to continue their fight for justice and to ensure that the Wrestling Federation of India is run in a transparent and fair manner.

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