LAC Standoff With China: India Wants Peace, But Capable Of Fitting Reply: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed the nation on Wednesday that the sacrifices made by our soldiers on the Indo-China border won’t go in vain.

In his first comments on the ongoing border skirmish, two days after the death of 20 Army personnel in Ladakh’s Galwan valley during clashes with Chinese troops, Modi said that the country was capable of “giving a befitting reply when instigated” as India won’t “compromise with its integrity and sovereignty”.

“Nobody should have any doubts or delusion (bhram) at all that India wants peace, but it is capable of giving a befitting reply when instigated. The nation must be proud of its warriors who laid down their lives while killing enemies,” said Modi, after observing a two-minute silence in honour of the slain soldiers ahead of his meeting via video conference with chief ministers on the coronavirus crisis.

“I would like to assure the nation that the sacrifices of our soldiers will not go in vain. For us, the integrity and sovereignty of our nation is paramount,” said the Prime Minister.

“Culturally India is a peace-loving nation. In every era we have wished for peace and welfare of the humanity. We have always cooperated and worked with cooperation as well as in a friendly way with our neighbours. We have always wished for the welfare of our neighbours. We have also tried to ensure that differences do not turn into disputes. We never instigate anyone but we never compromise with the integrity and sovereignty of our nation,” Modi said.

“We never provoke anyone but we will not compromise with integrity and sovereignty. Whenever time has come, we have proved our strength and capabilities in protecting our integrity and sovereignty. Sacrifice and resilience is in our national character, but valour and courage is also part of it,” the Prime Minister cautioned China.


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