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Rising From The Dead! COVID-19 Woman Wakes Up Minutes Before Cremation

Pune: In a straight-out-of a movie scene incident, a 76-year-old woman who was believed to be dead came to life moments before she was to be cremated as her family members prepared for her last rites, at Mudhale village in Baramati.

Shakuntala Gaikwad had tested positive for COVID-19 a few days ago and was isolated at home. When her condition deteriorated, the family took her to a hospital in Baramati.

On May 10, the family tried to secure a hospital bed for her in Baramati but were unable to. The woman fell unconscious and stopped moving while they waited in the car. Assuming that the woman had died, the family informed their relatives about the last rites. They took her back home and started preparing for cremation. Shakuntala Gaikwad was placed on the bier for her final journey.

This is when she suddenly opened her eyes and started crying.  The shocked family took her to a hospital. She was admitted to a hospital in Baramati for further treatment, Dr Sadanand Kale, the founder of Silver Jubilee Hospital told India Today.