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PM Modi’s Wealth Rises By ₹22 Lakh; Know His Net Worth

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s net worth is ₹3.07 crore, according to his latest declaration. This shows a rise of ₹22 lakh from last year’s ₹2.85 crore, says official data.

Like several ministers, PM Modi has no stock market exposure and his investments are in the form of National Savings Certificate (₹8.9 lakh), life insurance policies (₹1.5 lakh) and L&T infrastructure bonds, which was purchased for ₹20,000 in 2012.

The rise in wealth is mainly because of his fixed deposits in the State Bank of India’s Gandhinagar branch. According to the self-declaration filed by PM Modi, the fixed deposit amounts to ₹1.86 crore as on March 31 which was ₹1.6 crore last year.

There is no vehicle against Modi’s name, though he has four gold rings worth ₹1.48 lakh. His bank balance (₹1.5 lakh) and cash in hand (₹36,000) as on March 31, 2021, are less than last year’s balance.

There is also no new property in Modi’s name since he became the PM in 2014. His only residential property is valued at ₹1.1 crore bought in 2002. Being a joint property, the PM only has one-fourth share in it.

Out of 14,125 square feet property, PM Modi’s rights are over 3,531 square feet.

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