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PM Modi Hails Over 40 Crore ‘Bahubali’ In Country

New Delhi: Drawing a witty parallel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubbed the people vaccinated against COVID-19 as ‘Bahubali”.

“Vaccine is given in the ‘bahu’ (arms) and those who take it become ‘Bahubali’. So far more than 40 crore people in the country have become Bahubali in the fight against coronavirus,” Modi told the media ahead of the beginning of the monsoon session of Parliament on Monday.

The PM said the government wants a “disciplined” and “constructive” discussion in Parliament on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want that the pandemic be discussed on priority and we get constructive suggestions from all MPs so that there appears a fresh approach in the fight against COVID and shortcomings be corrected so that everyone moves forward together in the fight,” he added.