Omar Abdullah Urges Pakistan to Foster Good Relations with India

New Delhi: Following in the footsteps of his father, Farooq Abdullah, former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has called upon Pakistan to contribute to improving relations between the two countries. Emphasising the shared responsibility for peace, Omar Abdullah stated that the onus of maintaining good relations lies not only with India but also with Pakistan.

Omar Abdullah, leader of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference and former Chief Minister, remarked, “I have always maintained that the responsibility of maintaining good relations between these two countries is not only our country’s. If better relations are to be built, then Pakistan also has a responsibility in this campaign.”

Addressing the recent terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah asserted, “Such attacks should not happen. The kind of atmosphere that is prevailing now should not exist. Pakistan will also have to play its role in this matter so that relations between the two countries improve.”

On the issue of Team India potentially not visiting Pakistan for the ICC Champions Trophy, Omar Abdullah commented, “What is new about this? For the past several years, mutual bilateral series have not been played between the two countries. Team India’s decision not to go to Pakistan for the tournament is the BCCI’s own decision. However, it is being said that Team India will not visit Pakistan for the championship.”

Earlier, Omar Abdullah’s father, Dr Farooq Abdullah, also criticised Pakistan, stating that terrorism does not benefit anyone. He remarked that the terrorists sent by Pakistan to India should realise that they will never bring change in Kashmir through terrorist acts and will ultimately fail.

National Conference President Farooq Abdullah further criticised Pakistan, stating that the country is already in a state of ruin and should reconsider its actions. He stressed that war would only lead to destruction in both countries and called on Pakistan to cease terrorist activities on its soil.

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