Odisha’s Wunderkid Answers 200 Questions In 5 Minutes!

The 3-year-old girl, who has yet to go to school has a razor sharp memory

Keonjhar: Ask her any question regarding state, country or world and this three-year-old will answer it with aplomb. Smrutimayee Rout of Panchupalli village near Anandpur in Keonjhar district can give answers to 200 questions in five minutes.

She is known as the girl whose brain works at the speed of a computer and word has already spread about her unusual talent.

Smrutimayee’s parents say they recognised her extraordinary memory when she was just one-year-old. She could remember many things even at that age. Then her father started training her in general knowledge. After a month of training, Smrutimayee was able to give answers of more than hundred questions in five minutes.

She is now known as “Memory Queen” in Anandpur area. What is more, she also dreams big and wants to become a doctor.


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