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Now ‘Green Fungus’ Rears Its Head In India

Indore: In possibly the first such case reported in the country, a COVID-19 survivor in this Madhya Pradesh city has been infected with ‘green fungus’.

According to reports, this is the newest infection to join the earlier reported cases of black, white and yellow fungus in India.

The 34-year-old patient, who had recovered from COVID, suffered from severe nosebleeds and fever, informed the Head of the Department of Chest Diseases at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) in Indore, Dr Ravi Dosi,

The patient was suspected to have contracted the deadly black fungus or mucormycosis. However, tests revealed that he had contracted green fungus, Dr Dosi added.

The patient was airlifted to Mumbai for treatment.

What Is Green Fungus?

Green fungus or Aspergillosis is a relatively rare infection caused by commonly found species of fungi known as Aspergillus and it affects the lungs. It is found both indoors and outdoors, and most people breathe in Aspergillus spores every day.

In normal circumstances, the body’s immune system suppresses the growth of any spores within the body. However, in certain cases, the body is not able to suppress the growth of the spores. Those with compromised immune systems and those recovering or suffering from lung diseases are at a higher risk of developing aspergillosis.

What Are The Symptoms?

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the symptoms of invasive aspergillosis infection are fever, chest pain, cough, coughing up blood and shortness of breath.

The CDC advises that patients who have recently suffered from a lung disease, like COVID-19, or have currently weakened immune systems should protect themselves by avoiding dust, soil and other small particulate matter from entering their lungs by avoiding such areas and using N95 respirator masks.