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New Study Suggests Lower Hospitalisation Risk In Omicron Patients

Washington: Data from two studies suggests that COVID-19 patients infected with the fast-spreading Omicron variant are less likely to require hospitalisation compared to those infected by the deadly Delta variant.

Both the studies were published in Britain, one from Scotland and the other from England.

“We’re saying that this is qualified good news — qualified because these are early observations, they are statistically significant, and we are showing a reduced risk of hospitalisations,” Jim McMenamin, co-author of the Scottish research, told reporters, the AFP reported.

The Scottish paper found that “Omicron is associated with a two-thirds reduction in the risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation when compared to Delta,” while also showing that a booster vaccine offered substantial additional protection, the AFP reported.

The second paper, from England, found there was a 20-25 per cent reduction in hospital visits for Omicron compared to Delta, and a 40-45 percent reduction in hospitalisation.

Both the studies are yet to be peer reviewed.

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