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Nagaland Operation Deaths: Army Unit Charged With ‘Intention To Murder’

Kohima: After the Indian Army’s 21 Para Special forces “blankly opened fire” killing many Oting villagers in Nagaland, the state police accuse the Army unit in its FIR.

It further alleges that the “intention” of security forces was to “murder and injure civilians”.

The massacre killed 13 villagers and a soldier at an Indo-Myanmar border district in Nagaland on Sunday after a counter-insurgency operation went awry. One more villager lost life in the clashes that resulted.

“It is to be noted that at the time of incident there was no police guide nor security forces did make requisition to police station to provide police guide for their operation. Hence it is obvious that the intention of security forces is to murder and injure civilians,” the FIR by the state police was quoted as saying by NDTV.