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Myntra Once Again Under Twitterati Attack For Anti-Hindu Ad It Did Not Make

New Delhi: #BoycottMyntra is trending again on Twitter after an alleged ‘anti-Hindu’ advertisement went viral.

An Instagram page called @hindutvaoutloud made a post about all the e-commerce platforms that have put up ‘anti-Hindu’ products and advertisements. The slide begins with an advertisement in which Lord Krishna can be seen shopping online for a longer saree on Myntra as ‘Draupadi cheerharan’ happens in the background.

Enraged at the advertisement, many people took to Twitter to boycott the shopping website Myntra.





What they did not see was “” written in a small font.

This is not the first time that Myntra has landed in soup because of this advertisement. It had caused controversy in 2016 too when people assumed that it has been released by Myntra. The truth is that even that post was by ScrollDroll, which wanted to explore what would happen if gods were to use 21st-century technology.

Even at that time, Myntra had tweeted saying that this advertisement was not published by them. ScrollDroll had taken responsibility.

With the advertisement going viral on Twitter in 2021 again, Hindus are not only boycotting Myntra but also uninstalling Flipkart.

Myntra has not spoken on the issue as yet.