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Modi Warns Pak At UNGA: ‘Don’t Take Advantage Of Afghanistan For Own Selfish Interests’

New York: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday sent out a strong message to countries which are trying to take advantage of the delicate situation in Afghanistan.

Delivering his speech at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, Modi said it is “absolutely essential” to ensure that Afghanistan’s territory is not used to spread terrorism and for terrorist activities.

Without naming Pakistan, Modi said: “We also need to ensure that no country tries to take advantage of delicate situation in Afghanistan and use it for its own selfish interests. At this time, people of Afghanistan, women and children, minorities need help. We must fulfil our duties by providing them with help.”

In the course of his 21-minute speech delivered in Hindi, the Prime Minister also had a word of caution for China, which has been accused of expansionism and trying to establish ascendancy in the Asia-Pacific region.

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“Our oceans are also the lifeline of international trade. We must protect them from the race for expansion. The international community must speak in one voice to strengthen a rule-based world order,” Modi said.

Describing India as the ‘mother of democracy’, the PM pointed out that the boy who once helped his father at tea stall was speaking for the fourth time at UNGA.

From his experience of serving as chief minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister of India for 20 years, he proclaimed: “yes democracy can deliver… yes democracy has delivered.”

Highlighting India’s development in recent years, Modi said: “When India grows, the world grows; when India reforms, the world transforms.”

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